The National Foundation of Accountants has presented in Rome the annual report on the profession, the data concerning the income and the registration of professionals placed in all of Italy.

Incomes on the decline

The accountants have seen their income decrease of 14% in the last 10 years, and half of them declare less than 33,000 euros per year. A clear difference between the North and the South of Italy: the average income in the regions to the North is 80,000 euros per year, to the South with 30,000 euros. In Trentino Alto Adige, for example, the average income of the accountant is euro 105,000 annual against the 24,000 declared in Calabria.

However, all land areas registered an increase in average income: +2.3% in the North, +2% in the Centre, +1.7% to the South. The regions with the greatest increase compared with the previous survey are Basilicata (+8,5%), Calabria (+3.6%) and Piemonte (+3,5%). Umbria (0.7%) and Sardinia (-2%) are the two regions in decline.

These statistics have been drawn from the data of the pension fund of chartered accountants.

Enrolment data

In the course of 2016, the registered rose 0.5%, after the period 2013-15, in which the trend was stable to 1%. From the geographical point of view, the growth is divided as follows: +0,9% in the North, to +0.3% in the Centre, +0,1% in the South.

Increases of 0.3% on the figure of the female registration, a slight decrease in the under-40 (0.2%) and slight increase for the over 60s (+0,4%).

Increase of 36% of the accounting experts (section B of the Albo), and of 3.1% for the practitioners.


To conclude we can say that now studies are required to optimize to the maximum the expenses, without making drastic cuts, but by choosing the qualified staff and technologies of real support for daily activities (software for accountants, installations in the cloud, protected servers). Winning choices to improve the efficiency and keep the customer always satisfied.

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