Are the days delicate to the pound. On the eve of the meeting of the Bank of England, the United Kingdom, the news in the light-to-dark as regards the labour market. According to data released from theOffice for National Statistics, the unemployment rate has in fact remained stable to April (4,6%), while average wages have increased by 1.7% (worse than expectations, which were 2,4%).

These data have led to the slight decline of the pound in the Forex. In the mid-session, the cross eur-the pound sterling, in fact, mark 0,8800, while the exchange rate Gbp-Usd is worth 1,2729. I suggest to look at this latter ratio with the aid of the Kama trading moving average.

The Brexit weighs on the pound

sterlinaWhat weighs on the pound is always the question of Brexit. Up to the early elections last June 8, it seemed that the road to a “hard Brexit” would be definitively traced. The flop of May has instead created a climate of political uncertainty that weighs on the future of the uk economy.
Not surprisingly, in less than a week, the dollar rate fell from 1,2948 to 1.27 (if you want to make trading first you have to choose a best platform for forex demo trading).

The “hard Brexit” seems to have frightened the electorate, which has begun to experience the economic effects of the possible isolation of the United Kingdom from the rest of Europe. This could push the May to mitigate its claims to Europe, and this could in the future give you a lift to the pound. But at the lomento the situation is tense.

The decision is now to May: go ahead with its “hard Brexit” and risk everything, or soften the tones, and perhaps save your place at the head of the Government?

The article Sterling still under pressure. Tomorrow the decision of the BoE appears to be the first on