How many times have you thought to have a barbecue of your own, you can try cooking them in the grill like a true professional, want to give vent to your culinary creativity, but then you’ve immediately started thinking that a bbq charcoal is dirty and is harder to turn on? In short, find a thousand excuses not to achieve your project?

Maybe you live in a condominium, and the relevant regulation will prohibits the use of the devices in coal, as the smoke can cause nuisance to the neighbors, and you’re forced to give up your barbecue.

Today, you will not have more of these problems, on the market there are different offers gas barbecue grills, which produce much less smoke than coal and are also more practical to use.

Gas Barbecue grills: features, use and cleaning

Gas barbecues are usually used with gas bottles, which are readily available in trade format 3/5/10 kg, are tied in two minutes on the barbecue, and with the simple turn of a knob you are ready to cook.

Also the factor of cleaning is another aspect to take into consideration, in fact with a gas barbecue does not have the problem of the ash that rises and then falls on the floor, but also on the balconies of your neighbors, who will start to look at you with disappointment when you meet them for the stairs of the apartment building.

In many, however, believe that the gas does not cook as well as the charcoal, this is because you have the false belief that coal will give taste to what we cook, nothing could be more wrong. The only coal up to a few years ago could cook better due to its greater power of the cooking, but today with new technologies the two types of device are practically equivalent.

In modern gas barbecue grills, are almost always a lid with a thermometer, which allows you to cook with the lid closed and, therefore, higher temperatures, and also can be used as a real oven. You have understood well, today everything that until yesterday cucinavi inside of the electric oven of the house, you can prepare it without problems and with ease using the barbecue.

Use the gas bbq as a normal oven cooking

To obtain this result, however, you need to buy a gas barbecue with at least three burners. We will then turn on only the 2 burners on the perimeter, leaving off the one in the centre, above which will be placed what you want to cook.

At this point, just close the lid and check the temperature adjusting knob of the gas to determine the desired cooking.

Also remember that with these grill is also possible to make smoking, in fact, there are trays that are placed above the burners switched on, with the inside of the sticks, aromatic, and so while you can cook, you can also be smoked to your liking the dish you like the most.

Grilling with gas barbecue

In the classic grilled instead, it will turn on all the burners, placing the food in the spore of the same in such a way to allow the heat to completely cover what you are cooking, and also avoiding to prolong the time of cooking, consuming more gas but also making it more dry food.

Between the cooking grate and the burners, usually there are positioned bars vaporizzatrici. These bars have 3 functions:

  • vaporize the fats that drip, by eliminating the thick smoke, and reaching the maximum of the steam cooking;
  • prevent the grease drip onto the burner on, causing flare-ups sudden;
  • give food to the typical aroma of barbecue that will invest food and will spice it. To increase this effect, the council is to grill, always with the cover closed.

What are the different types of gas barbecue

There are different types of these barbecue. Can be recessed, that is that the body can be inserted in the walls of your realisation, can be wheeled, that is, equipped with a mobile on wheels for easy movement,
or powered with cylinders for lpg, but there are models that can be connected directly to the network methane present in the house.

Recent natural gas models, you will eliminate even the thought of having to always have to purchase the tank, as you have a spare.

For the most demanding, that I want to have all the advantages of the gas, but do not want to give up cooking on charcoal, have been studied in the gas barbecue with lava stone.

The lava stone is a volcanic stone that is heated by the gas goes to reproduce almost faithfully the effect of the brace. Only drawback of this type, is that like a barbecue with charcoal, produce smoke and flame, and are therefore of the grill
that we recommend only to experienced people, which for special requirements can not use conventional devices to coal.

As you can see, today the market offers several solutions, made to measure for every need, in such a way that no one should deprive themselves of the pleasant experience of a good and healthy cooking on the grill, at home or on holiday.

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