As is well known, the economic crisis pushes the users to buy used car, also thanks to the increasing quality of the vehicles available. The numbers speak for themselves and show that the sale and purchase of second hand cars is ever in vogue at the time in Italy, from January to December 2014 were registered more than 4.2 million of changes in ownership of used car.

The purchase of a used car has many benefits, today, more than ever, thanks to the development of sales portals online that allow the motorist to be informed about the aesthetic characteristics and mechanical properties spending less than a new vehicle. But it is not easy for many means continuous headaches, the research, the countless water-holes. Sometimes even outright fraud. It happens when you don’t know where to look and who to ask.

Buy from a private seller has its economic advantages: it is almost always the price of the car is lower than the one offered from the dealership, but you have to pay a lot more attention. Take all the time necessary to evaluate the vehicle, ask questions relevant to the use and history of the medium.

Weldpay was created to protect both the buyer and the seller.

The sums of money necessary to complete the purchase, in fact, will be paid directly to the vendor by Weldpay.


WELDPAY has finally managed to find a real solution against online fraud, especially in the field of advances of money for the rental of holiday homes, purchase of car/motorcycle and in the world of e-commerce objects used and new. From now on you can buy or sell in complete safety.

Weldpay also offers a service between the seller and buyer to agree on the price, shipment details, and anything else.

The goal of Weldpay is to eliminate online fraud, protecting seller and buyer in all phases of the sale.

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