The design of the warehouse by the incipit fundamental: the exploitation to the maximum of the space according to the specific characteristics of the place, the elasticity and the quality of the materials structuring and the optimization of the time of the identification and withdrawal of materials stored.


Even the most space-constrained and awkward, they represent a resource that is exploitable: the strong point is the identification of solutions which are absolutely adaptable to the places. This, however, without ever losing sight of the main components of the work: safety, excellence of the system and creation of a comfortable space.



Design before build


The first to take care of the design and industrial shelving, consider consider the operational aspects of the warehouse: the mode of storage, handling (automated and/or manual), the presence of packaging systems and packaging, the development of specific operating systems.


Design and propose the design of the warehouse is equivalent to optimize the work, under different points of view: reduction of the realization time (and the consequent anticipation of the actual use of the warehouse), reduction of costs and the definition of the operating parts in order to obtain a logistic structure that is ideal in any working process.


The design is always time to improve and make the most of the characteristics of the space at the start. This means to analyze and identify the critical aspects and, most problematic, by promoting solutions that eliminate barriers and improve performance goals.



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