Would you like to renew your local Parma or province and do not know where to turn? Polygon Design to Fidenza produces furniture for public spaces.


Renew a local is not easy: in addition to your own personal tastes, you should take into account a range of needs and technical requirements that must be complied with. The main difficulty is to adapt the furniture is completely new to the already existing spaces: a custom furniture then it could prove to be the ideal solution! Of course, a interior design designed for a local requires great technical skills, besides a high knowledge of the materials and of the use of these you can do.

If you want to turn your bar or restaurant in the most beautiful and attractive part of the city, the suggestion is to rely on Polygons Design, a craft company of Fidenza, in the province of Parma, which produces furniture for public exercises, and it is known for its originality and character. Polygons using innovative materials and unusual; the originality and scenographic design of the Polygons is used to dress the premises with an eye-catching look and at the same time respectful of the needs of the operating environment, such as bars and restaurants.

Tens of years of activity in the supply of equipment series for the public exercises, led Polygons to experiment with new forms of furniture, sometimes daring in the juxtaposition of materials and using different objects to create the unexpected. Some examples of that? The series of chair-suitcase Don’t Go, taken from suitcases in vintage leather and suitably padded and upholstered, which were installed in the legs belonged to a chest of drawers or bedside tables.

Shines for originality also, the living room design White 4 Lounge, inspired by the theme of the liquidity and the white design is made from two tubs, cut and shaped to give life to the two small armchairs and a small sofa, with a coffee table.


Don't Go Chair
White 4 Lounge


For more info: www.poligoni.eu.

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