Are you looking for a company to do the interior design for local? In Fidenza, there is Polygon Design with over 20 years of experience!


Remodel the house or your local can be fun and exciting, but most of the times the business enterprise can be a daunting task: to stand behind a surveyor, architect, construction company, plumber, and anything else is an activity that makes you lose your head!

If I told you that in Fidenza, in the province of Parma, there is a company that deals with design, manufacture and install furniture series for a local, would you believe it? His name is Polygon Design, and can boast more than 20 years of experience in designing bespoke furniture for public services to respond to the needs of the most complex and special.

The style of Polygons Design stands out for originality and character: the company uses innovative materials and unusual movements that give a theatrical touch to the local, respecting at the same time, the need to maintain an operating environment and functional.

The years of activity in the supply of equipment series for the public exercises, led Polygons to experiment with new forms of interior design, sometimes daring even in the approach of different objects to create the unexpected.

Examples are the series of chair-suitcase Don’t Go, taken from suitcases in vintage leather and suitably padded and upholstered, which were installed in the legs belonged to a chest of drawers or bedside tables. Shines for originality also, the living room design White 4 Lounge, inspired by the theme of the liquidity and the white design is made from two tubs, cut and shaped to give life to the two small armchairs and a small sofa, with a coffee table.


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