The Salone del Mobile just ended has defined a rule very clear: the garden becomes the living and not the exception to this is sector facilities in Lecce, on the contrary, now more than ever, the Salento is the protagonist of solutions at the cutting edge and potential to take full advantage of this new trend.

But let’s take a step back.

Before the economic crisis, the optimization of the spaces and the environmental impact that the furniture industry had on humanity were not topics that were the priority, not like today at least. In addition, all of the Italian manufacturing sectors has suffered, and in spite of the Made in Italy brand, more and more companies have had to seek a new approach to production. In this period, however, many new companies have emerged on the landscape of the furniture.

Although the crisis has been a time of great difficulty it is also true that forced to change the way of rethinking our lives, and therefore, our space, our home. With the economic recovery, especially the two are the trend in the facilities that have had more attention: the attention more and more high to the environment and the optimization of the spaces, even the external ones.

Especially this last feature has resulted in the birth of the tendency to see the garden, the patio or any outdoor space as a real extension of the living room, opting then for modular furniture but of high quality, made of simple materials but high-performance, designed and manufactured with a great attention to the environment, then thinking to materials that are also biodegradable or recyclable.

Your living outdoor is also achieved by combining common materials and not: it then introduces the teak, plastics, technologically advanced, and the fabrics leave room for the interweaving of materials similar to the simple rope.

To complete this configuration, a series of solution posed to the security of our area outdoors, such as pergolas, or the most impressive but the most technologically advanced. Today it is possible to domotizzare any thing, even in these areas, with suitable canopies and retractable thanks to frames, the most advanced fabrics and improved.

We are confident that this trend will be welcomed by the handful from the territory of salento, which is the emblem of the summer season and open spaces. In the various showrooms of dealers of the furniture in Lecce and interior designers already, you can see the proposals of the brand’s most famous, such as Nardi or Emu, next to the brand less known, but always of great impact, such as brand new furniture line Flaako aluminum.

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