The Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic material excellent for the fixtures that can ensure a good thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance to adverse climatic conditions, durability, lightness, and being flame retardant, also provide excellent fire resistance.

Pvc windows ideal for summer

The windows and doors in pvc thermal insulation, allow for each day of the year to enjoy the benefits of the materials they are made of, they can give.
In the summer especially can isolate completely the living environment from the outside, preventing the heat to penetrate inside.

Thanks to the Pvc you can also save on the costs of refrigerated of the house that you usually get with air conditioners that consume a lot of electricity.
Use for their homes or for the working environment, the windows and doors in pvc is the best choice you can make in anticipation of the hot summer.

Characteristics of PVC joinery

When it’s summer and you lower the awnings chosen with care to enhance the interior decor to the exterior of the home and features PVC windows that provide thermo-isolation, staying home will be a joy.

The special frame structure, the fixtures, combined with low-e glazing allows the windows and doors in PVC, to ensure good performance and bright at the same time thermal insulation, allowing to filter the light to the inside of the core housing and preventing the heat to enter and heat the room.

Cool in summer and warm in winter with new windows and doors

The windows and doors in PVC fulfil their tasks even in the winter, ensuring that the heat produced inside from escaping and preventing the cold to penetrate to cool the environment.
With these new fixtures is as if you blindasse the house to protect it from external agents.

Build or renovate your own home by providing for the installation of doors and windows of the latest generation allows you to play in advance on the summer and winter season.
The windows and doors in PVC Oknoplast for example, are made from the finest materials in polyvinyl chloride, with frames resistant, fire retardant, weather resistant and waterproof, making them ideal even in areas of the sea, humid and full of salt.

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