The ranking of a website in search engines can be determined from a long series of factors, none of which should be left ever in the second floor. The algorithms of Google and search engines in general are able to recognize certain parameters, according to which they choose to put certain sites in the advantageous position compared to other.

We are talking about a sector in constant evolution, with updates that are disseminated to the cadence almost daily. Nowadays, the search engines pay attention to content. The latter must be sufficiently long and complete, in addition to be fully cured from a stylistic point of view. Also the choice of the right keywords to insert into each text has its own impact, but seems to be slightly lower than in the recent past. Now quality matters more than a simple auto list of words, put next only to wink at Google.

Very important is instead the insertion of titles and subtitles appealing to a broad catchment area, so as not to be left in second plan the importance of the meta tag description. Forte is also the impact that they can have the choice of a good image on the performance related to each single content, and consequently for the entire site.

The backlinks, i.e. links that an article receives from other sites, may be symptomatic with regard to the index of liking of the article. You should not forget more positioning factors mainly related to a technical aspect.
Among these, we report the use of modern codes Https to the detriment of the now obsolete Html, and the inclusion of the so-called anchor text, able to best describe an entire page.

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