Still worth to use the promotional items in the age of digital advertising? Having regard to the visibility and interaction that offer, you.


Why use tools such as promotional items, to make known the name of their company when there are many types of online advertising that may enable us to reach the users any time and any place?


Because, despite appearances, gadgets and promotional clothing they are still a great advertising medium, as demonstrated by a study of the Promotional Products Association international. According to the research, the gadgets have an amazing ability to “read” the persons who receive them from the company that he has given.


We can see 5 data that explain this phenomenon.

Everyone wants a gadget


89% of respondents have received one or more promotional items in the last 6 months. A percentage is quite important, which shows how the scope of these objects has nothing to envy to that of the digital tools.


The reaction of the users


8 out of 10 people have carried out research on the brands from whom they have received gifts, while 83% said they want to do business with them. In short, these products are a real inventive to contact the company.


What to remember people


90% of users remember first of all the name and logo of the company, before its messaging, and its call-to-action. And guess what is conveyed in the name and logo of the business? With promotional items!

In addition, approximately 41% says to keep these products for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years: a period of time really long time, during which the company logo is always in sight.


The importance of the right impression


With AdWords you can do a lot of impressions, but it is difficult to make the right one. With regard to the gadget business, however, 82% of people who receive them say they have a positive impression of the brand that he has donated.


An incentive for every type of user


Each generation and type of the user is stimulated in a different way by the various means of communication, but all agree on one thing: the gadgets are the form of advertising, more exciting that there is.
Millenials, generation X, baby boomers: no one can resist the effectiveness of the advertising objects.

Why? Because, if chosen carefully, this strategy allows you to capture the attention and sympathy of the public through products that are functional, fun and, if you are very good, trend.


The importance of the homage right


In order to exploit the full potential of this marketing tool, however, it is necessary to know how to make the right choice, making sure to stay consistent with your product, your identity and your audience. For this you need to contact a specialized producer and experienced.


Ser.Com Srl, the company of Piacenza, a manufacturer of promotional items, is without a doubt one of these. The reasons are mainly 3:

  • The vast catalog of available products, ranging from stationery to gadgets to sports, to help companies find the most suitable solution for your audience.
  • The numerous possibilities of customizing high-quality, which allow you to imprint logos and trademarks, with the maximum efficiency.
  • The service pre-sale, a real resource for anyone who wants to find the gadget more eye-catching, but doesn’t know where to start.

All products Ser.Com are visible at the showroom in via Braibanti 15 in Piacenza, or on the site

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