In radio, the new single by Michele Cristoforetti “Still Here”, a song that was born, as often happens to the young singer-songwriter trentino, in the most unexpected, in this case leaving in the middle of the night from the loft a couple of friends. Inspired by his thoughts and reflections on the world around us, by analyzing all issues related to it, Michael, with a deep intention to pass on all of this, decided to put in music his feelings with an arrangement unusual for the style of the singer, from the typical grit-rock, with a rhythm flavor dance music who, nevertheless, remained consistent with the vein of the singer-songwriter of the artist.

Still here arises from the need to shout, anger against a world that leaves us to ourselves, but always desires something from us.”


 If you think of a region like Trentino-Alto Adige may not come in the mind of the Dolomites, the woods, the bears, the food etc, but the singer-songwriters? Michele Cristoforetti, the trentino-born in 1987, that in life he worked at a racing department, testing for Ferrari engines, from more than a decade, moves in the landscape of emerging music, always enjoying great success, and consensus by the public that is more attentive.

However, nearly three years her path has taken a turn towards its true nature: the singer-songwriter; in fact, she has always been a deep love of figures such as De Andrè, Fossati, Bertoli, who have inspired in his writings and in his music. So, creating a new formation able to support it, both humanly and musically, in the situations in the studio and especially live, called KASCADE, starts its journey as a singer-songwriter, in a territory which is certainly not accustomed to such figures, but of great support. And so, he released his first single “from The Album of the Poses” (2015), which starts with his music production.

As performances increase, Michael realizes he’s on the right path and decide to do things big, so in the summer of 2016 gets the collaboration of

one of the most famous of the Italian music scene: Maurizio Solieri. With he records the single Cuban Cigar, a song that celebrates the pursuit of happiness in the small things, leaving him free in the management of a part of arrangements and involving them in the filming of the video clip. The decision proves to be a winner and a Michael strong growth visibility; from here on, the publication of the video clips, studio recordings, and live, and the constant updating of the social pages will be a practice of the young singer-songwriter.

At the end of 2016, he released his first album “Move”, which contains eight original tracks and two covers, and with which, and donate all the proceeds, he was able to help the associazione ATHENA onlus, which deals with children with disabilities. The music of Michele begins to spread in the small-to-medium radio in Italy, so the 2017 open, as well as a rich lineup of performances, also with the selections and the

participation in competitions such as the Prize “Pierangelo Bertoli” and “SanremoRock”. Soon will be released the videoclip of the new single “Still Here”, the fifth from that not-so-distant 2015, but have made giant strides so that Trentino can be considered to be the land of singer-songwriters.