Sonia Palmer, minister of Labour and Human Resources of the Campania Region, spoke on the work of public utility undertaken in the 25 municipality in the Region.

Yesterday, Wednesday, 11 October, at a distance of only a few weeks from the previous decree on the APU, with the dd no. 638 in course of publication on BURC the other 498 labor relations of public utilities in 25 towns in campania that have submitted eligible projects and eligible.

“Congratulations to the Governments that have grasped the value of social of this policy measure active job- says Sonia Palmer– presenting projects to the care of the heritage, promotion and security of the territory, the care of the public green, update databases, retrieve, archives, and social solidarity.

Remember again: the measure is at the door and can be accessed by all public bodies of the Campania Region in a simple and direct manner. The recipients are former recipients of absorbers (of any type) in 2014, currently without income. Receive a fine of 580 euros/month for a commitment of 20 hours per week for 6 months.

The resources for this second edition of the APU are 5 million, and we have chosen to anticipate to the Municipalities, the payment of salaries. The procedures are simple and bureaucracy.

The Junta De Luca- ends then the Councillor– every day shows its concrete commitment in favour of the territories and local communities.”


– The following P. A. interested:


Montecorvino Pugliano (SA)

Castelfranci (AV)

Afragola (NA)

Casal di Principe (CE)

Castel Baronia (AV)

Macerata Campania (CE)

Portico di Caserta (CE)

Taurano (AV)

Baiano (AV)

Sant’arpino (CE)

Atripalda (AV)

Aversa (CE)

Recale (CE)

Castel Vetere on Heat (AV)

Succivo (NA)

Giugliano in Campania (NA)

Acerno (SA)

Mercato San Severino (SA)

Sessa Aurunca (CE)

Roccapiemonte (SA)

Ogliastro Cilento (SA)

Qualiano (NA)

Mondragone (CE)

Centola (SA)

Gricignano di Aversa (CE)