4? Ortler Bike Marathon on June 2

Registration 60 euro by 31 December

Classic and marathon between the walls of Glorenza / glurns (BZ)

History and culture in a weekend for all to enjoy


“Sea and wind-force 4” it is customary to say, and the next, June 2, in the upper Val Venosta (BZ) is expected to challenge the strong and impetuous as on a stormy ocean.

90 kilometres and 3000 metres of altitude at the foot of the Ortler, from which the exhibition takes its name, are the “mantra” of the Ortler-Bike Marathon, a competition on the wheels clawed founded in 2015 but which has already managed to grab a good slice of devotees, which for nothing in the world you would lose the race in south tyrol, is also ready for the next year to excite.

Amateur sports Italian accompanied by many foreigners, thanks to its proximity to neighbouring Switzerland and Austria, come together to give the best of themselves, with even the pros, not forgetting a dip in the beautiful Val Venosta; this is demonstrated by the successes of the former marathon world champion Roel Paulissen and the victory of the one which became the Italian champion in the marathon in 2017, the brescia Juri Ragnoli.

Two pathways of 51 km (classic) and 90 km (marathon) run through the heart of south Tyrol, the departure and arrival strictly set in the medieval village of Glorenza. In the middle, a myriad of scenes and emotions, from the Abbey of Monte Maria, at the Resia lake, from which rises a bold bell tower, not to speak of the castle of churburg castle or of the old farms, Schlosshof, Lochhof and Greinhof, in short, all the ingredients mouth-watering for a single flow, which will cross forest roads, steep imperious up to 20% slope, but with an eye to the less prepared, which can climb into the saddle facing without any type of problem the classic route.

500 volunteers are then a commendable job, thanks to which the super active president Gerald Burger manages to put their “found”, which provide every year, new and interesting ideas.

Some tips to perform to the best performance come directly from the person who holds the most number of victories in the Ortler-Bike Marathon, Roel Paulissen, who suggests eating correctly and drinking a lot, especially on the long distance, the secret is not in fact possess the bike more expensive, rather in doing the right training.

Ortler Bike Marathon is also a culture, between walls perfectly preserved and the three towers is the symbol and essence of Glurns, where it seems to still feel the noise of the chariots dedicated to the practice of the trade, a story so eventful that it seems to relive it.

Registrations are already possible at the figure of 60 euro by 31 December: