Sell towholesale of fruit and vegetables is not an activity that everyone can do it, but you need certain requirements, skills, permits, and procedures, in order to get in the rule and do not have any type of legal problem.

If you want to know how to sell towholesale of fruit and vegetables, here are below some very useful information for anyone wishing to undertake this type of activity.

Today to open a business sale is not enough to be in possession of a license, as you could do in the past, but you need to be in possession of a lot of requirements to then obtain consent to open thetask wholesale.

The procedure for obtaining all the consents, you must comply with every norm of the law concerned, in order to avoid problems and to postpone accordingly the opening of the shop, of course, the times and requirements vary depending on the purpose of your store. At this point, continue to read the interesting steps of this simple guide to learn a quick and useful how to open a business of wholesale.

In any case, the first thing to do is to go to an office of the Italian Revenue Agency and ask for the VAT, with its tax code, payable to the company. If this does not cover food products, you can open it immediately after you have paid the fee to the Chamber of Commerce, however, if you are going to dedicate to import-export of foodstuffs, it is necessary to request an appraisal of the health of the goods and of the environment, and the opening will become effective only after sixty days after such approval. Remember, however, that to open the activity, the times are different according to the sector they belong to.

Before applying for any authorisation, the company must have already completed any type of construction work; indeed, the permission of the commercial operation is also accompanied by a certification attesting to the suitability and habitability of the environments. Very important is also the conclusion of all the necessary insurance, which shall cover, in particular fires, environmental damage and theft.

To satisfy the clients, should contact directly with the manufacturers on large quantities of merchandise, are able to supply products below cost and, above all, of the best quality.

Initially for you to the advertising turns out to be really useful to make good marketing strategies, which range from the promotion and advertising of the company, in order to make itself known on the market and have a good reputation linked to the professionalism. Today, as never before, it is very easy to do this especially thanks to the digital age in which we live, with very little you can have a huge visibility thanks to social networks, blogs, internet sites and advertising that you can do online.

Finally, in order to maximize profits it is advisable to buy products at a whole lots, especially if they are of kinds that are out to steal and the benefit could be immediate, for the purposes of recovery of the costs incurred to start the business and to provide new investments.

At this point, you are ready to enter the market and open your store and sell towholesale of fruit and vegetables wherever you want and to anyone. Good job!