Nowadays one of the most exploited and appreciated by investors in children and the common people to put aside some money (and maybe make it fruitful) is the investment in the mail. Thanks to its well-established fame, and to the general soundness from a financial point of view, the post shall be made available to users in valid offers advantageous and illustrated in a clear and exhaustive manner. So let’s see what are the best solutions in the field of investment in the mail.

The booklet postal

The post savings book is a true oasis of tranquility compared to the methods of investment-banks, capable, these last, to make the most money, but often characterized by a general sense of insecurity. Concept, that of uncertainty, the unknown as far as the libretti postali: issued since 1875, to the present are available in several variants depending on the various needs of users. In general, the characteristics of the booklet to postal are the ones not to have incidental expenses such as general expenses, management, opening and closing of the booklet (excluding tax charges), deposit and withdraw money at any post office counter, to have at their disposal a corresponding card (card booklet post) to operate both in the mail and at ATMS and you have a dedicated app, very useful nowadays to keep under control the financial movements and the available balance on your booklet. But how to invest the money? Simple. Just go to the post office in their city to get all the explanations on how to invest money in mail, how to save and what are the offers currently available on the market. In short, nothing complicated.

Interest-bearing certificates

Interest-bearing certificates represent one of the solutions equipped by the investors in common, as they are able to provide a minimum gain, but always 100% certified. Available since 1924, interest-bearing certificates are characterized by a great simplicity in the subscription, as well as simple is the movement of money with the immediate return of the invested amount with accrued interest. In a few words, is the State itself, to ensure for the investors ‘ money. Also in this case, interest-bearing certificates are available in various types depending on the needs of the users, with the possibility of investing money from 50 euros up to a maximum of 1,000,000 euros per day. Great economic opportunity, therefore, than that offered by a good post, but from the point of view of how to invest the money? To open a good interest-bearing you will need to go in the mail, having the possibility to subscribe to savings plans special, even in the case of minors accompanied by an adult. Invest money in mail has never been so simple.

Common investment funds

The other solution is particularly appreciated by those who have a little more familiarity in the field of investment is the management of their savings through mutual funds. Main objective of the funds is to diversify their savings, and their money, which ends inside of a common fund composed of the savings of other investors. Never fear: the fund is managed in a professional way, taking account of very different elements between them, such as geographical area of investment, sector of investment, capitalization of the issuer, shares and other. The mutual fund is characterized by normative in specific, that allow those who want to invest money in the mail to access all necessary information through an interview with a member of the practices in question, directly at post offices. As mentioned above, that of investment funds is an option reserved for those who already has more familiarity in the field, so much so that the procedures related to how to invest the money, in this case, is complicated further because of the regulations much more strict, because the investment is collective.