An album that was born as a dedication to musicians and friends that have contributed to the realization of the entire project.

The CD of 15 songs, was written and produced in two languages (Italian and English). The LP in English is entitled “Keys of Mine”, while in Italian it is called “Beyond the Scenes”.

“The”Keys of mine” is a game of words: my friends, in English we say “Friends of mine”, but they are the keys of this disc, dedicated to them. Hence the title. In Italian, instead, this game of words was not possible, and the title is simply to indicate that “beyond the scenes” of the theatre of all the days that I see the actor and the spectator there is everything you can find by listening to this LP”. Luca Bash

The project was developed without artistic direction, in a sequential manner, asking each musician to arrange and record remotely in their own city without any indication of any. The LP is then a composition where each of them has done what his art and taste has given.

“For a person to participate in a project for hope for something to happen or for tentarle all, they (the musicians) are the only ones that with a simple gesture which to play and to love my songs, made it possible to give a form to what I simply are: a stupid artist who can’t manage to resign themselves to living without doing what makes him happy”. Luca Bash


Luca Bash starts studying music at the’ beginning of the ‘90s, initially with the study of the violin, and then pass in the ’94 guitar. However, will wait up to ’99 before writing his first song, and when it hits in Dave Matthews, purchasing for his acoustic duo “Live at Luter College”. The desire to understand the composition for the guitar led him to enroll in the UM – music University in Rome, studying the rhythm guitar and harmony. Produces its first 13 songs, including “Dear John”, which he himself recognizes as the first piece to present to the public.

In 2006, Bash was invited to participate in the International Festival of Piombino, an event that he won in an acoustic duo, as an accompaniment to his success with the award of best interpretation. Formed after a band called BASH, which in 5 years he produced an LP, “On Air” and won several events in the reality of india.

The BASH broke in 2011, after its core members changed the city for professional reasons, but the adventure of Luca Bash never ended. He continued to write, but in 2013 he had a serious motorbike accident, that the debilitò for several months, and five days in a coma. During the rehabilitation Bash acquired a different consciousness than his music, driven by the good fortune of being able to again play the guitar. From here, ricontattò from Turin, his new city, his friend and guitarist of the historic Giova (Giovanni) Pes to begin a new chapter of his musical history. In 2014, an interesting history record takes hold: the project CMYK. The duo has produced 4 EP of acoustic songs: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black. Each EP is one of the basic colors in the graphic print which, unlike the color video, RGB, are fundamental to print any type of image. The intention is therefore to fix an indelible mark on what Luke Bash wants to express from the depths of his own ego. Through the project, CMYK, the music, Bash begins to set foot in the international scene indie. In 2015 the duo released the Single Drops, which includes the single “Your Tomorrow” and a song favored by each of the 4 EP. The critic describes this new direction this way: “With a simple, acoustic, Pes adds beauty to the composition of the Bash through his guitar in order to define the most of the folk style. A sort of fusion between a guitar, Latin and american country make it unique to their style, especially for two Italian province. Through his musical journey, Luke, Bash is still solid in his own research: look for the link with his audience through a true and pure expression of his vision of the world. Through his lyrics, which outline the core of what it means to be alive, and thanks to the experts in manufactured guitar evident in his songs, the Bash will continue its research, trying new ways with each publication to connect with fans and lovers of life. The search is for a smile conscious, a deep breath, a “Bravo!” and this is more than sufficient to drive this passionate singer-songwriter.

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