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Sharing, green, circular and blue. Talk about the economy today means to adopt the categories of reference are totally new, that make the system not only the appearance of financial growth, but also the instincts and the social trends that more and more frequently are the lever which moves the global economy.

It all began with the green economy, which stemmed from the assumption that producing the earnings should be in line with the respect of the environment and nature. Ban the industrial production of the ’70s, and banning fossil fuels, and welcome to natural raw materials, welcome to the recycling and practices a variety of re-use.

The green economy today, the road was really long and by the mode of work, contracts and the types of purchase and payment, a lot has changed. ‘part that has most benefited from the development of new ways of doing economics was surely related to the environment and to the relationship between man and nature. Accordingly, the green economy, followed by the blue economy, which has made recycling a mission, and it has found supporters and opportunities, profitable unexplored. Within the scope of the protection of the environment and of the planet, the circular economy has emerged in opposition to the theory of mass consumer society and throw-away. It all becomes reusable, reinventabile and replaceable to the infinite, the movement of subjects and objects of a circular thing, like a “waterfall”, can be summed up in the concept of regenerative design.

If it is true that today the economic strength of the driving force is that of young people, particularly millennials, or to better call them, digital natives, so much a part of the development of new economic paradigms is also to their credit. For the new social groups, for example, the purchase itself is an outdated concept, much better than the subscription. And, behold, develop reality as Netflix and Spotify, which are subscription and an offer that is always diverse and customizable style of life. In parallel, the presence of new services and tools that inevitably affects also the styles of life: the end of working time, canon has led to the emergence of new forms of employment, among which the most recent are the gig economy, jobs, on-call or to request that rely on digital platforms in which they are put in contact supply and demand , and the app economy, a real boom of recent years that has made working at home a reality and profitable.

Well see, all these new forms of economy can always be brought under a concept-umbrella all-encompassing, that of the sharing economy, the topic that the Centre for Studies and Economic-Financial ESG89 has long become thread of the new forms of economic development both for small than for large firms. Each new paradigm is embedded in the new patterns of contemporary life that is seen in the perennial connection of people and the sharing of ideas, the core of true development and true innovation, the results are still in the making but that will definitely open new horizons of development to discover and explore.

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