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Markets change, times, strategies to create and immediately re-think, because what is now is winning tomorrow is no longer. The world of business and of consumers is always more varied, fluid and dynamic, and in the era of information dissemination, and knowledge of data and information can provide companies a real competitive advantage and a plus to the achievement of its objectives.

Are Big Data the real crucial element in the growth of companies: find them, analyze them, and to know them is now a fundamental factor for every company. With the birth of the digital economy and the shift of more and more massive of the market towards the online environment, growth opportunities and prospects goes hand in hand with a level of uncertainty much higher, and with a number of crucial factors to consider in perpetual increase. For this Big Data is the tool for doing business today: as stated by James Heekin, executive chairman of the group, Gray, one of the most known agencies of the advertising in the world and the first provider of Big Data Google, this information will open up new scenarios for the analysis of the behaviour of consumers, by lowering the margin of error and bringing back a faithful image of the reference target of each company.

A real revolution at the global level, which not all companies and countries have responded in a uniform manner. Looking at the Italian case, the use of Big Data for market analysis and consumer understanding is still a concept that is more theoretical than practical. Lack not only digital skills and qualified human resources, but above all lacks an entrepreneurial mindset that is widespread, able to exploit the potential of the digital environment in a productive manner, able to converse with new media and gain an economic advantage concrete.

The road is marked. Only with a wise use of Big Data – of which the Centre of Studies and Economic-Financial ESG89 you a promoter with the portals and IoValuto.en – companies can face uncertainties and risks present in each market and build, day after day, a path of solid growth and can make the business goals more concrete and achievable. The choice of the right partners and the right customers is the true path to success: to know, to evaluate and choose who to do business is the starting point of winning.

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