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In times of crisis, in which inflation does not show signs of growth and consumption are only now slowly starting again, the luxury sector, in all its forms, it moves according to routes all itsthat have little to do with the situation the most wide market of consumer goods. Despite almost 10 years of crisis, the luxury market, level global, has never ceased to grow, although the pace up-and-down, and the demand for luxury goods has continued to make progress, especially with regard to the market player in asia, that have had decidedly a predominant role.

But the most interesting has been the change in these 10 years happened as regards the concept itself of luxury. Beyond the brand and the luxury lifestyle canons, think of the luxury has taken on a new meaning, which goes beyond the simple possession of the object to be signed (and from the status that the object represents), and acquires a connotation of the whole new in the sign of theexperience.
The luxury , therefore, went from being the material to be experiential, from the substance of the personal experience. And in this new way of understanding luxury, once again Italy is the host, and Umbria is a good example of this new feeling.

Already in 2014, the Centre for Studies and Economic-Financial ESG89 had revealed, in spite of the crisis, the successof the luxury Made in Umbria, especially in the foreign markets, and the same Giovanni Giorgetti, CEO of ESG89, had stated that “The fund, subject to a few exceptions, is showing vitality, innovation, creativity , and good prospects. The export is the main way to improve the numbers of the budget. The made in Italy has always been synonymous with luxury and the Made in Umbria is a concrete example”.
Today, the luxury market sees theUmbria again the protagonist , and the concept of the “experience” of luxury agrees perfectly with this territory and its peculiarities. In a region rich of traditions and knowledge that come from the past and the craftsmanship that distinguish the broader concept of Made in Italy, the luxury is a value that derives from the time and the space to think, create and live in his strength and his peculiarities. An example of this transformation of the luxury and the way in which it is lived and appreciated the appointment to the “hotel of the year” at the Palazzo Seneca in Norcia, elected on 17 August, 2017 Las Vegas the best luxury hotel of the world from the main network in the luxury tourism Virtuoso Travel not only for the quality of the services, but especially for the passion and spirit that the owners are able to instill in this structure and in their clients.

The power dell’Umbria is in this, not only in the ability to combine tradition and innovation to create the luxury in all its forms and make it a distinctive element at the global level, but in its being a land of luxury, which experience an exceptional and exclusive is itself a luxury in time, in space and in the value that remains in those who live it.

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