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Growth in demand in both the domestic and overseas markets for Italian production of capital goods and mechanical robots, which in the third quarter of 2017 registers a +68%, according to estimates of the producers, and was in line slowly to the levels of export, which during the crisis absorbed most of the national production. A positive result that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Plan Industry 4.0 and the use of virtuoso that companies and entrepreneurs have made, and continue to make, of the state funds made available for modernisation, research and development and training.

It seems therefore that the Italian companies, in particular in the field of mechanical and robotics, the center of the discussion of the Centre of Studies and Economic-Financial ESG89 on the occasion of the presentation of the’Yearbook of Economic 2018-2019, they are really coming out from the tunnel of the economic crisis and the immobility and the new union of positive government incentives and the propensity of entrepreneurs is rapidly driving businesses towards the overcoming of the technological gap born from the crisis and that has affected the Italian production and has undermined the competitiveness. The success of the Plan “Industry 4.0” is evident in the ability of this intervention has had in stimulating the production and, above all, in giving new life to the internal market, going to rebalance, as stressed Up Coal, president of UCIMU, the domestic sales and foreign sales. A result so clear and precious, that the Minister for Economic Development Carlo Calenda has said the firm needs to confirm the incentives of the Plan 4.0 for 2018, and reassure the companies on the ability to continue their investment programs and training.

From the side of the companies, the optimism is palpable, and the confidence is at its highest level since the pre-crisis period, as testified to by the Ref research. A positive attitude witnessed concretely by the level of saturation of the plants that only in this moment, is getting back to levels before the economic crisis. Added to this is a new propensity to invest, supported by the new policies of the credit institutions, that offer loans at attractive rates and flexible reports.

A landscape so bright and full of expectations of Italian firms for the year 2018, that have a desire to return to grow, produce, and conquer the markets, reiterating how the Made in Italy is always a symbol of quality, innovation and excellence.

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