Delivered to the patron at Harry’s Bar in Venice, the recognition of the Pro Loco Sandrigo to honor the personality of the venetian culture and entertainment

Arrigo Cipriani has been in Sandrigo (Vicenza) in the 52° prize “Palladian Basilica”. A recognition, says the motivation, given with “esteem and gratitude of the people of venice for the resolute, simple and refined originality.” In the course of the evening organized in his honor in the sixteenth-century Villa sesso Schiavo, the owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice is told in a face-to-face with the journalist Antonio Lorenzo , in the course of which he traced some of the stages of his long life.

You are the only person who bears the name of a bar,” he joked Cipriani, recalling the origin of the local founded by his father Joseph in 1931, two years before his birth. Since then, Harry’s Bar has been a landmark in Venice welcoming as our regular customers and characters such as Ernest Hemingway, Arturo Toscanini, Truman Capote, Charlie Chaplin, Peggy Guggenheim, Orson Welles and, more recently, Woody Allen. For each Cipriani has reported an anecdote or a memory from a memorable hangover of the father Joseph with Hemingway with an account that is not paid for by Orson Welles which Henry, then a young man, came up to the rail station. There have been stored to the chef and the cooking show “ruin the real Italian cuisine, one of the restaurants”. A style that is still today – provides – you can find at Harry’s Bar, where every Friday you prepare the Bacalà alla Vicentina next to the great classics were born in the local venetian, as the Carpaccio and the cocktail Bellini.

In 1985, Cipriani has opened a second restaurant in New York city, and today the group is administered by his son Joseph has 25 restaurants around the world and a food company that produces pasta, sauces, olive oil, and drinks.

The Prize the Basilica Palladiana, designed in 1962 by Michele Benettazzo to honor people, agencies and institutions of the venetian culture and entertainment, is sponsored by the Pro Loco Sandrigo in collaboration with the National Union of Pro Loco. Among the award winners of the past editions, by Luigi Meneghello, Ermanno Olmi, Mario Rigoni Stern, Giorgio Gaber, Marco Paolini and the cartoonist Altan. Last year, he was assigned to the venetian Magician Silvan.

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Michele Bertuzzo Anna Sperotto