The Pastry of Sweet and Salty Pastry chef from bologna Gabriele Spinelli enters for the third consecutive time in the prestigious “Guide of the best bars of Italy”, the ranking by the Gambero Rosso, which for 18 years accompanies the gourmet to discover the excellence of the Peninsula

It is in the capital, which gathered, Thursday, 5 October, representatives of the most well-known cafes and pastry shops of Italy. An award of great prestige arrived to the 18th edition , which every year results in the preparation of the “Guide to the best bars of Italy” by Gambero Rosso: a handbook accurate and complete, dedicated to over 1300 signs prominent in the panorama of Italian gastronomy, more and more multi-purpose and sensitive to the evolution of taste, without that this involves the renunciation of the values and the spirit of the origins.

The Pastry of Sweet and Salty Pianoro (BO) – already the best bar in Italy in 2016 riposizionatasi in the next edition of the competition among the excellences in the Gambero Rosso (2017), confirmed also this year the maximum score attributable to a local quality, three Grains and three Cups, the result of the perfect synthesis between the product, the service, atmosphere and setting. The evocative mulino nineteenth century houses of Sweet and Salty, in fact, is surely one of the elements of quality that have led to the conferment of the title; the method, experience and attention to customers have done the rest. A goal coveted, and it is comparable in value to the Forks, Hats, and Stars, of the prerogatives of the restaurants, that brings of Sweet and Salty to another remarkable result (the Star), which is reserved to the local for ten years, they are embellished by the exclusive attribution of the three Grains and three Cups.

The contest promoted by the Guide, for almost two decades, contributes to the dissemination of the coffee culture in Italy and over the border, thanks to the authoritative contribution of the panel of experts, selected every year from among the best brands in the panorama of the journalistic and editorial Italian. A prize of great resonance, then, that highlights the regional delicacies that accompanies the rapid rise of this industry is certainly changing, but always central in the traditional of the Beautiful Country.

Salty sweet is the fruit of the heritage of experiential built in Italy and abroad, by the Master Gabriele Spinelli, who always creates his special treats with passion, curiosity and a strong inclination to experimentation, thanks to a proposal of exceptional quality, ranging from sweet to savoury and a relationship with customers that is not limited to the service, but holds on to share the tricks of the trade, anecdotes and, above all, enthusiasm.