On November 12, Move It Garda 21K Arcese

4.350 the participants of a month from the via Riva del Garda (TN)

Spectacular path with steps to the front of the castle of arco and Torbole

10K starting from the Arch to the less trained and Kids Run for youth


Sunday, November 12, athletes from every part of the planet will invade Riva del Garda (TN) and the surrounding area with the event par excellence of the region, and not only that, the Move En Garda 21K Arcese, a new name for a running event and that it will not mutate into a spectacle, the events of the contour and path of the race.

Indeed, this year the organizing committee not only double the two euros paid more by those who want to enroll by allocating a share of solidarity’ charity, but retains also a Kids Run for the little ones, which will be held the day before the fateful date. The path is characterized for the ideal temperatures in which to compete, fast and bubbly, with a probable record number of participants to face him.

The Move En Garda 21K Arcese will be triggered in the presence of lake Garda, free of traffic and even by the hassles of rank, direzionandosi suffered a slight drop, but one should not be fooled by the apparently “easy”, could be counterproductive to the purposes of the final stretch. The 21K will rise then towards the town of Arco and its beautiful manor house in the cliff on a rocky cliff, and cultural attraction for all visitors.

It will be important to maintain consistency in your stroke, since it presents no particular difficulties, despite some slight. Arc she will also be the 10K, the competition brief for those who do not saw their condition adequate to carry out the entirety of the test.

In the second part the speed will be the mistress, where you can “dare” by recovering some positions. In the middle of the Move It Garda 21K you will enter on the bike path along the river Sarca, the main tributary of the lake of Garda. Torbole the next destination, “the land where the lemon trees bloom,” said Goethe, famous for the presence of winds (Vent Paesàm, Ponale, and Balinòt) that allow you to the fans of windsurfing to get excited.

The wind, therefore, could facilitate the contention or slow it down, but, in principle, these miles are fast, even and especially for the competitors in the 10K.

In the last part the Garda is at the zenith of their beauty and you can enjoy floating at a walking pace, or running in the usual race against time that will lead to the finish in Riva del Garda for both locations. The organizing committee has today, a month on from the start of the contention, well 4.350 participants, the majority of which enrolled in the traditional 21K.

High is also the foreign participation that is “closer” more and more the Italian one, with the women ready to record a record, both for what concerns the Move En Garda 21K Arcese, both for the total number of members of a competition running in our own.

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