Puglia is a wonderful region, where live the sea, plains and natural landscapes interesting. Choose to spend a few days in an agriturismo in Puglia in Salento it may be a good idea to enjoy in the region of 360 degrees, experiencing the flavors of the hinterland, but also the crystal clear sea of Salento. Best to choose an agriturismo with restaurant to taste the typical regional dishes and delight the palate.

To choose the right place where you can relax

Puglia is a region full of surprises and discoveries, most of the people know the region for its beautiful beaches and the crystal clear sea. Spend the days of vacation in an agriturismo in Puglia in Salento it is a very special way to discover the territory. The Salento is the southern part of Apulia, between the Adriatic and the Ionian sea, also called the “heel of Italy”. The land is flat and the landscape is very colorful. The vegetation is composed mainly by olive trees. For many buildings, similar to the nuraghi of sardinia, is still being used today, the dry stone. In a context, and in a landscape so naturalistic, find an agriturismo with restaurant is the ideal place for you to enjoy to the maximum of a region so full of ideas and extraordinary places. In the stay in Puglia, you can relax among the uncontaminated nature, staying at two steps from the sea if you want to go to the beach in a few minutes.

The delights of puglia

When it is a holiday, every sense must be satisfied and in Puglia you can experience the taste exceptional thanks to lots of traditional dishes to taste. The area of salento is rich of places where you can learn the tasty delights, discovering new flavours and sensations. Whatever the agriturismo in Puglia in Salento, where you decide to go on vacation, you almost certainly will have at their disposal a restaurant with 0 km products to welcome you and let you try lots of dishes of puglia in all its facets, from appetizers to desserts.

Why choose a farm holiday

For your holidays, in the southern part of the region puglia there are several possibilities. A farm in Apulia, in the Salento area has a number of advantages. The first of all is the ability to take advantage of the typical restaurant usually attached to the structure, in addition to being able to enjoy green spaces and admire the vegetation and the centuries-old olive trees of puglia. Often, the farmhouses of salento is located a few kilometers from the sea and this means more and more calm compared to the chaotic seaside resorts but at the same time a practicable distance in a few minutes to reach the beach or the night life. The farmhouse offers only advantages for those who want a relaxing and enjoyable holiday from all points of view.