For the loading and unloading of goods, raw materials, supplies, equipment, and not only that, in larger companies you will encounter quite frequently systems with electro-mechanical drive as the loading ramps, which facilitate these activities of transport and handling, allowing for a quick transition from the outside of the production plant to the indoors and vice versa.

Disegno di rampa di carico

These installations are typically formed from a metallic ramp that you can position and tilt at will so as to meet from time to time and any need for loading and unloading.

These ramps play, for obvious reasons, a crucial role in the level of efficiency and productivity of the company, but are directly involved in the security of these places, of work: for this reason the law requires the execution of periodic audits to the load of such plants, which must be carried out by specialised personnel.

Maintenance, performed at regular intervals (e.g. every six months) have as main purpose the reduction of the risk of failure or technical problems, which, in turn, is a guarantee of greater safety for people and for things, the best energy consumption and an extension of the lifetime of the plant.

The technicians in charge of the controls on the loading ramps analyze the components of the system, identifying (and correcting it in the bud) problems, and also performing interventions lubrication or cleaning , depending on your needs.