Writing has never been so simple, BombaGiù in fact it is a reality all new born to push you to spread your ideas and news, free of charge, but at the same time giving you even the opportunity to earn attractive prizes.

The question related to the rewards we’ll get to that in the final part of this article, but let us focus on the main element, which is why among the many sites you should choose a new reality, but as interesting as this!

The freedom of writing is not typical of all things online, unfortunately many of the heads are too restrictive and this does not help; for example, if a citizen wants to report an incident, or reporting a hazard should do so without any particular problems, but it is never simple!

With BombaGiù everyone, but everyone can write and see it published the article in the first page; it is a chosen service today by more and more people, then we talk about passionate writing, but also companies that need to launch a product and/or service and then make it known to the public, at the same time, writing is also those who want to get their ideas, without any restriction, a raging river ready to explode!

The writing is really open to all?

This is the classic question that people continue to be, the point is that a good chunk of italians think that in order to communicate both need to be journalists, but if you think about it is not so; it is fundamental to be ethically correct, but the writing is a pleasure, sometimes it even manages to excite, we can consider it an art to all effects, therefore anyone can embrace it.

When we talk about ethics we are referring to the much edgier the topic of fake news, false news to create problems, so your goal, from the moment you decide to write for any head, but especially for BombaGiù, will have to be the one to fight with us, a plague of this kind should be eradicated at the root and together we will surely win this battle!

At the moment, a contest allows you to earn up to 50 euro for each published article

Read the details at the following link https://www.bombagiu.it/primo-contest-bombagiu-scrivi-condividi/