The technological research of Arteclima has the objective to assure proper thermal comfort and at the same time, to ensure savings are always greater. The result of this attention is the extensive range of kit and thermostatic that Arteclima has been on the market. In fact, the ten different series in the catalog to ensure efficient performance, maximum reliability and ease of insertion in the different contexts of interior design, thanks to the attention to aesthetic and ergonomic design that characterizes them.
The Range of Kits and thermostatic 250, 260, 300, 301, 302, and 303 are composed of convertible radiator valve, lockshield and thermostatic control. The latter, which is applicable quickly, with a simple plug, on all the convertible radiator valves Arteclima, allows you to automatically adjust the temperature of the environment in which it is installed.
At the sign of the thermal comfort, besides having the ability to maintain a constant temperature, setting the degree level, the ideal, the models with a built-in sensor measures the ambient temperature and the set automatically. The thermostatic control is also available with tamper-proof, that is, with anti-theft alarm, ideal for installation in public places.
In addition, to further increase the opportunity to save on your energy bills, always in the sign of comfort, Arteclima proposes the set of Kit valves with pre-setting, posed by models 350 – 351 – 352 – 353, characterized by a valve with specially shaped, which allows to regulate the flow of water to the radiator, by doing so, easily adjusting, and balancing of the heating system.
All Kits are available with valves in sizes 3/8” – 1/2” – 3/4” connections for steel piping, copper and multilayer.