For decades, Colombia has been plagued by guerrilla warfare, drug trafficking, kidnappings and murders. The Church of Scientology has done something about it by promoting the program “The Way to Happiness”
In 2004, the United Nations has described the conflict colombians as: “The worst humanitarian crisis in the western hemisphere”. A famous colombian actor and comedian, decided to take effective action to stop the decline of his country by promoting the program called “The Way to Happiness”, created by the Church of Scientology, from the writings of its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard.
The actor created a show where they are represented of the 21 precepts contained in the booklet “The Way to Happiness”; this show was seen by over 150,000 people, both civil and military. A colonel of the National Police of Colombia heard of the Way to Happiness when the brochure was presented in Cartagena, a port whose prosperity depends on tourism. Tourism, this vital source of revenue, had been seriously threatened by the increase of crime, with armed robberies that would double year-on-year. After being instructed on the use of the Way to Happiness, the colonel and his officers began the distribution of leaflets in the Plaza Santo Domingo, the centre of the night life of Cartagena. They distributed the booklet is also on the outskirts of Newfoundland, and to fans of the corrida at the Plaza de Toros. An intensive distribution was implemented in schools, with seminars to thousands of students. In total, tens of thousands of citizens of Cartagena have known the 21 precepts. The result has been a decrease in crime of 27%, and Cartagena was declared one of the safest cities of Colombia.
The colonel then launched a program on a national scale, instructing the police of the district of Bogota, Engativá and Climb, which, in turn, have distributed pamphlets during concerts, to college students, in open-air markets of the city of Santa Marta and in the colonial settlement of Villa de Leyva. In conclusion, ten thousand police officers have distributed the booklet in 21 cities.
When Colombia hosted athletes from 24 countries for the World Cup of Youth Soccer, the police forces have distributed 300,000 brochures in 10 days. The World Cup of Colombia has ended without a single report of violence.
Overall, the police in colombia delivered the seminars of the Way to Happiness to 3 million citizens, and brochures to 20% of the population. The rate of crime has dropped 50% and tourism is the colombian has had an increase higher than in any other Latin American country. According to senior officers of the police of colombia the merit of this change is the Way to Happiness.