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Many people do not decide to take advantage of the service 899 to do phone sex because this simple action is seen as a cowardly betrayal of the partner.

Let us see why this particular concept may be easily removed from one’s own mind in a logical and correct.

Copulation telephone, and the failure to contact live

Do phone sex, taking advantage of the services that are offered by Sex on The Phone, is not a synonym of betrayal of your partner.

This concept is born in the moment in which, although the relationship can be intense and pleasurable and lead to orgasm passionate, between the customer who makes a phone call and the employee that responds there is any kind of physical contact.

This means that the betrayal is not completely absent, since the pleasure becomes single or is the employee who the customer is, that during the conversation they exchange congratulations and practices virtual, could do with touching your genitals to feel a pleasure greater.

It is therefore impossible to talk of betrayal in a virtual relationship that sees the protagonist a sex act real, and this is the first point that supports this theory in respect of the service of the number of erotic proposed by 899.

The relationship virtual sex without any feelings

In addition to the fact that the betrayal is not real as there is an act that brings the two people to come together and enjoy live, have a copulation virtual is not accompanied by the feelings that you feel towards your partner in which you grant us carnally.

This simply means that a person who decides to take advantage of the hotline 899 will not test any kind of feeling in respect of the staff that provides this particular service.

Contrary to what could really happen with a betrayal, when two people feel attracted, with the service of the phone the red light does not cause this condition: it speaks only of a copulation virtual that is done for pure entertainment and as a resource when you do not have a sexual relationship real with a casual partner.

Therefore the betrayal is completely absent since there are no in dance the feelings and physical attraction seen that the callers do not see the person who offers the service and at the same time, even those people who entertains his customers, he sees that the person with whom you are having a good time on the phone and with whom he has a sexual relationship virtual.

Curiosity and vent over the phone, erotic 899

In addition to those two reasons, that push to support the theory of not betrayal when you take advantage of this service, there is that which consists in the fact that the sexual relationship is not consummated with the intent to betray.

This means that a person that takes advantage of this particular type of offer, decide to do so only because he wants to try practices virtual that perhaps has never eaten live.

In addition, we must also talk about the fact that this particular type of phone allows you to experience moments of passion remain such, and not evolve into a search of the staff that did excite her partner by phone.

It starts with a very simple concept that should not be underestimated: the phone hot which is carried out is carried out only and exclusively in order to feel good physically and sexually since only the imagination makes sure that you have the feeling of having a real relationship.

Therefore, also in this case one does not speak of betrayal when you decide to do phone sex using one of several numbers that are part of the group 899 that guarantee the possibility to live in one copulation is different from the classic ones with the simple aim to reach the maximum pleasure to those who decide to give vent to his instincts, listening to a warm voice that stimulates the people that call us to engage to the maximum in order to consume the virtual relationship.

Therefore, with 899 do phone sex is absolutely not to be considered as a betrayal, but simple means that you can enjoy and let off steam sexually, whenever you feel such a need.