With directorial Decree no. 78 20 September 2017, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has published the fourteenth list of the persons authorized to make periodic inspections of work equipment, in accordance with article 71, paragraph 11, of Legislative decree 9 April 2008, no. 81 and subsequent amendments, on renewal, variations, and extension of the qualification of the qualified subjects. A list from which you could not obviously miss the Emq-din, pag. 35, a confirmation of its renewed commitment in this important sector.

The Decree can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Labour, completely replaces the previous one of the 9th September 2016 and consists of 5 articles:

  • 1 (Renewal of the registrations of the qualified subjects), or the renewal of registration in the list of qualified entities who have submitted regularly and timely documentation required and for which the Commission referred to in D. I. 11.04.2011 has been able to promptly conclude their investigation;
  • Art 2 (Variation of authorisations), relative to changes made to entries already in possession, on the basis of the requests received in the previous months;
  • Article 3 (Extension of the enrolment in the list of qualified subjects), which offers a further extension of 60 days for subjects in the deadline to September 18, 2017, the investigation is still in progress (in consideration of the meeting of the Commission took place on 25 and 26 September 2017 the past), as well as the start of the time limit referred to in paragraph 1 from the date of this decree. This article also states that, in the case it is ascertained the lack of the conditions for the renewal of the inclusion at the end of the investigation, the effects of non-renewal shall be effective from the day following the September 18, 2017;
  • article 4 (List of subjects enabled), specifies that the Decree adopts the list up to date, replacing the one adopted with the Decree of September 9, 2016;
  • article 5 (Obligations of the authorized persons), among which is to bring in a special register computer (transmitted on a quarterly basis electronically to the person in charge of the function), a copy of the minutes of the audit, as well as the data referred to in point 4.2 of Annex III to the D. l. 11.4.2011; the obligation of the parties enabled to communicate in advance to the Ministry of Labour, any change in the condition of fact or of law that intend to operate for the eventual admission of the change notified.

And speaking of inspections for work equipment, the Emq-din not only has obtained the renewal of the authorization, but also an extension of the same for the group GVR (gas, steam and heating) in the region of Basilicata, in addition to lifting things (SC) and lifting people (SP): a new witness to the steady growth of this organism inspection, operating also in other areas such as inspections of lifts and electrical installations and certification institutions of oversight.

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