You have already subscribed to the Yeerida, the platform read streaming? This content provider, born in Turin, italy in march 2016, allows users to read books for free in streaming. The registration to the site, as well as the use of the books on the platform , it is free, and allows you to choose between more than 6000 books to be read in the catalogue.

On Yeerida you can read for free, and to consult the unpublished texts that are shared by publishers and professional authors. Read books online about Yeerida is easy and always free. On the first streaming site literary in the world you are accessing from any device (smartphone, tablet, pc…) by finding everything that is literature: from the novel to the essay, from the short story to poetry, from the classic to the manual for more specialist. Following the registration you can access all of the free books listed in the catalog, read them, comment on them and share them with other readers. Yeerida is a real social network of the book that, in addition to get you to read books online allows you to get in touch directly with authors, editors and other readers. The site allows authors and publishers to promote their catalogue of books to be read, even through the social features of Yeerida. Through the structure of social platform, publishers have the possibility to enter in contact directly with their readers and understand their preferences

Also Yeerida promotes culture and is committed to working exclusively with professional authors and traditional publishing assures its readers only quality content. Even if users access to books to read free, Yeerida remunerates the authors through a system of royalty is very similar to the one used in the music industry. Each reading generates a royalty-free, and each quarter of the platform is charged in an analytical way and transparent the authors on the basis of the royalty earned. The platform of free books does not acquire copyright of the books, but simply offer them for free in streaming, managing, in fact, the only right of communication of the work. In this way, the rights remain the property of the publisher or the author that they have, as they prefer. This allows publishers to not only share the texts published but also unpublished, without fear of contractual obligations in the event of publication.

In addition to not manage the copyright Yeerida protects the books and online from the hacking. The technology of the “social-literary” converts all of the shared documents in a proprietary format not selectable, copyable, non-transferable and non-downloadable versions, making them available only for streaming.

Through streaming technology Yeerida is able to extract data relating to the flow of reading of the books online, providing it to the publishers who can analyze and study the way in which readers approach their texts.

On the blog of Yeerida you will find reviews of books, curiosities, interviews with authors and publishers, and in-depth articles around the literary world. To learn more, visit the website