“2xBene” solidarity in Longiano (FC)

ACSI Cycling in the saddle along with the samples to help the next

Prize to the career to the “grillo” Paolo Bettini in front of a large audience

“TuttixBene” and “Him&Her”, touching on the altitude of 1000 participants


The “2xBene” is an event that cannot be missed by ACSI Cycling, a meeting that occurs annually in Longiano (FC) in the month of September and is a treat for all cycling enthusiasts eager to make, precisely, of the well and to meet prominent personalities of the pedal, and not only.

The seventeenth edition has just ended and a round of applause goes first of all to Roberto Landi, founder and creator of the “2xBene” and to his wife, Laura, in collaboration with the ASD Fausto Coppi of Cesenatico, in the persons of president Alessandro Spada and Mirco Lasagni, an exceptional staff and directs their efforts towards young people and produces the “queen of the granfondo”; without forgetting the fundamental contribution of the mayor and of the municipality of Longiano, the Panathlon Club Cesena and Pino Buda, patron Sidermec. The event opened with the prize to the career to the “grillo” Paolo Bettini, the olympic champion on the road at the 2004 Athens Games and world champion of the specialty in 2006, and in 2007, celebrated by a large audience at the Teatro Petrella with the “Career Award, the City of Longiano”, dedicated annually to a character capable of making history of the two wheels. The evening was presented by Gianluca Gardens, a journalist from sky, Gianfranco Josti, one of the pens the most famous of the world on two wheels, “the presence of honor”. Are spoken on the stage also Gianni Motta, winner of the Giro d’italia, Giro di Lombardia, and the three Laps of the Emilia, the “Dolphin of Bibione” Franco Pellizzotti, and even Roberto Conti, which has a stage victory at the Tour de France and their own personal success in the young rider of the Giro d’italia 1987, the president of the club Magico Pantani Vittorio Savini, the former runner on the road, Andrea Noé, dubbed in a funny way, “Grumpy” for the feature to complain often, and Manuel Senni has not wanted to miss his contribution, the athlete in strength to the BMC is a specialist of the laps of the americans, having just brought home the Tour of California, as well as Francis Cavazzi of the Androni team, which in 2010 and 2011 represented the Italian National team to the world championship, and the colombian Egan Arley Bernal Gómez, one of the climbers with the most promising being only a class 1997. From the celebrations to the cricket the next day of races, with the “TuttixBene” of the morning, the cycling in favour of Onlus, to call together more than 750 participants, and another 130 at about the time trial in pairs, 2xBene” in the afternoon. Manuel Senni was presented at the start with Mariangela Patrignani, Stefano Landi in the company of Agatha, Franco Pellizzotti, with Giovanna Michieletto, Osvaldo Fernandez, with the champion Barbara Lancioni, which he had to “take three” starting torque is with the latter, both with Christian Barchi and then with the national coordinator of the ACSI Cycling Emiliano Borgna. Not bad, Barbara is one of the athletes of the panorama granfondistico more prepared and fast when it comes to riding a bike, and not where be was a great effort for her face three times in the race. Egan Arley Bernal Gómez has, instead, closed in the rear, for a time “slowed down” by your team mate, but the “2xBene” is this a charity event without the purpose of ranking, which aims to help the next siding to the via super-athletes in the companion of the participants with disabilities. ACSI Cycling is proud to be a part of the organization of this wonderful event.