Skiri Trophy XCountry in Lago di Tesero (TN) January 20 and 21

The GS Castle renews its partnership with the “Kinder+Sport”

The combined Skiri Trophy & Pinocchio on the Skis to the Bottom of the 3 and 4 February

Classification with a rich prize on Sunday, February 4, at the Center Bottom of the Flat Amorotti (MO)


January 20 and 21, the small figures sgambettanti will return with all of its joy to compete in the prestigious 35.edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry, the most important event of Italy and not only, dedicated to the ‘apprentices’ of narrow skis.

The Stadium Fund Lake Tesero (TN) last January Nicoletta Nones and the GS Castle were able to attend the races with great ideas and technical issues to report to the person responsible; it is well-known fact that the Skiri Trophy has “delivered” into the hands of the national numerous athletes that have made the history of the discipline.

Cross-country skiing is going through a particular moment, the enthusiasm is not lacking, but the poverty of rainfall makes it difficult to practice it. And, in the hope of a winter full of flakes snow-covered, “in union there is strength,” and the organizers of the Skiri Trophy XCountry & Pinocchio on the Skis to the Bottom of the 3 and 4 February 2018 have decided to propose a “combo” that will promote the best of this spectacular and strenuous discipline, education for children, combining the passion of the trentino’s Val di Fiemme with that of the Piane di Mocogno (MO) at the end of the give away events suggestive and thrilling.

Between January and February, the young people will thus be given two tests only, reserved as usual to the categories Baby, Puppies, Kids and Students: the classical technique will be the protagonist of the Skiri Trophy XCountry, while the third edition of the Trophy Pinocchio on the Skis of the Fund, we think the free technique to engage the young athletes.

The award ceremony of the winners of the combined, accompanied by a rich prize, ” will be Sunday, February 4, at the Centro Fondo Piana Amorotti, location, immersed in the nature as a tradition of fondistica want to. The experience and professionalism of the Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme will join you, therefore, to those of Olimpic Lama asd, the creators of the race that wants to pay homage to the puppet of Collodi.

Skiri Trophy XCountry also confirms its partnership with the sponsor, the “Kinder+Sport” of the Ferrero Group, “love at first sight”, after the success of last season with a myriad of children from all over the world, will continue in 2018.

The Kinder+Sport project promotes sports activities from the first steps, because life is not made up of only the sport but the sport is life and vitality, what you breathe with every stride of the Skiri Trophy XCountry.