The Burma (today Myanmar) can really be considered as the Great Soul of the East, having retained, until today, still retains its age-old traditions in all its 676.577 square km. The land of thousand pagodas, rice fields, and monasteries, where daily life is permeated by buddhist thought, this Country is really one of the few of the asian continent not to have suffered the progressive westernization lot many other peoples of ancient civilization.

The traveler who chooses to do a tour in Burma, has the unique opportunity of venturing into a non contaminated area by the large tourist flows. After centuries of isolation, you can finally discover the treasures and the landscapes of a country that has over 5,000 years of history and is rich in important cultural evidences, and religious. By plane and by bus on a tour that will allow you to enjoy all the charm of Myanmar and discover the most beautiful places of the fascinating old capital Yangon, the green and rich of evidence of the colonial. The Burmese in the true and proper are the descendants of the tribes of the south of China, which towards the 8th century ad.C. it went down in the central part of the country from Yunnan, winning the former Mon kingdom, which was of indian culture.

Crossed by the Irrawaddy river, offers beautiful rural landscapes, the possibility of entering into contact with the ubiquitous and reserved monks, and in the end surprises us with the stunning beauty of the archaeological area of Bagan.

The thousands of pagodas that rise in the plain of Bagan speak of an ancient greatness of Burma. At sunset rise up enigmatic between the water and the jungle, while the wind more cool fill of thrills in the vegetation. Mandalay the pagodas from the golden roofs and the buildings perched on the hill shines with gold, while Yangon has the memory of the glories of colonial in the midst of the turmoil of a crowd that thickens without end for the streets. Bathed by two rivers and two lakes, is a harmonious mix of styles, full of shady parks, and dotted with pagodas. In particular, we admire the giant reclining Buddha , and, at sunset, the mighty Shwedagon pagoda, covered in gold leaf and surrounded by a myriad of temples, shrines, pavilions and statues.

Myanmar, the ancient Burma, is a land that surprises the visitor, to this Flying Carpet Travel organizes trips for singles, couples, families and groups of friends, dedicated to those in search of the most ancient and magical of the east. It is a country that offers a lot: mountains, tropical beaches, lakes and rivers and waterways, dreamy landscapes and cultural sites of primary importance.