Today we spend more and more time in front of the computer, whether it be only going to see the e-mail messages from our relatives, our friends, our colleagues.

Stresses too great for the eyes

Our eyes, which was originally designed more for distance and close up, they are disproportionately stressed in front of the computer screens. We submit our eyes, in fact, great pressure. So, we tend too much to fix one’s gaze on the screen, to focus our attention on what concerns us. However, we should wear the protective eyewear from the pc , otherwise after some time spent in front of the computer, our eyes can start to sting, to burn, to give signs of low hydration of the cornea of the eyes. You can also have a sensation of heaviness of the eyes and even headaches .

Here are some tips to protect our eyes

1°- every 15 minutes, slowly close the eyelids completely, and reopen them immediately after the still very slowly (for at least 10 times) to improve the hydration of the cornea of the eye.

2nd : just close your eyes and remember what you’ve just seen in front of the computer, or visualize something pleasant – and it stimulates the visual memory.

Tip 3: if you really spend a lot of time in front of the computer, every hour, practice palming at least 5 minutes to bring relaxation.

4th: to improve the circulation of blood, go wash your eyes with cold water, put the wet fingers on the eyelids or use the blueberry flower and put the goggles from the pc.

5 ° tip: swing the chair slightly from left to right and from front to back, with eyes open and eyes closed, facilitating the staring at the screen.

6 ° the board: stop for a moment and focus with interest, and not only because it is better to do it to relieve the tensions of the near vision.

7th tip: beat the eyelids regularly in order to avoid the fixity of the gaze and moisturize the eyes.

8°: do 10 breaths long and full chest to the abdomen, imagine the air reaches the eyes. These breaths regenerate the eyes.

9° : stretch gently – arms, legs, neck, hands, and feet to relax the body. Pay particular attention to relax the muscles of the neck and crystallize a great part of the tension.

10 : stand 10 minutes to put a bit of distance from your screen, thinking of something pleasant and forget the screen.

11 : adjust the setting light contrast of the screen, to improve the tone of your eyes. The correct setting is easy on the eyes. You can then vary according to the room lighting, or with the feelings of the moment.

12: Wear protective eyewear to a pc with screens anti blue light is another way to protect your eyes.