The carpets and furniture are a very practical means to improve the usability of some of the buildings such as commercial ones that are often frequented by many people for a walk or for shopping in the centre. The characteristic of these convenient systems is that of being able to carry a large number of people and have high-performance technology thanks to the advanced manoeuvring systems with which they are designed and later carried out.

There is of course the attention to design, in addition to the guarantee of the maximum safety, stability and reliability: for all these reasons, theinstallation of escalators is really an interesting solution to one of the subway stations and even train stations, or where you are facing a high flow of people that should be put into circulation quickly, but always safely.

Also in the shopping centres and hypermarkets with a sliding scale-you get the full advantage of vertical space, and the use of carpets furniture allows it to carry even the trolleys, bags and luggage, without having to make any effort on the part of the user. The escalators, thus the result will be a plant with elevator, very comfortable and functional in different contexts, mostly commercial, where you need to move in a short time a good number of people.