Car review: what is there to know, and the news of 2017

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The portal of the Motorist always remember that the first review of the car must be made 4 years after the first registration, then every two years, ricordataci a sticker that is affixed on the windshield. These deadlines relate to cars, motorcycles, mopeds, motor homes, motor vehicles for the transport of the mixed, motor vehicles for transport of goods and for special use. At 2C Revisions, in the city of Terni, you can make the revisions in a short time and in complete safety, with the certainty that your car is subjected to proper control.

The review may be carried out:

1_presso Office of the Civil Motorization, where you proceed as follows

  • submit an application on the appropriate model TT 2100, which can be found at the offices of the Dmv and available online;
  • attach proof of payment of € 45.00 on on postal account 9001 payable to the Department of Land Transport;
  • to book a visit and test of the vehicle;
  • submit the registration papers of the vehicle
  • at your body confidence

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Car review: the news of 2017

On the first of January 2017 entry into force of a new european directive, an applicant for a greater preparation of staff reviews cars and motorcycles. A request right, there is no doubt, that of directive 2014/45/EU, which sees therefore the need of personnel with a higher level of expertise in the matters for carrying out the checks. On the other hand, the revision is not a simple walk of the mechanic. The revision is intended to make it safer and less polluted streets, thinking about your security and that of the one next to you.

Directive 2014/45/EU continues to underline the necessity to introduce a system of training , as well as expected in many of the working areas, which provides an initial training and periodic updates or a suitable examination.

This is what happened in europe, while in italy, the Budget commission of the Chamber of Deputies has rejected the amendment submitted by the parliamentary Francesco Ribaudo, according to which the competent offices of the Department for land transport and the firms authorised by the Ministry of infrastructure and transport would have to control the payment of the car tax before proceeding to conduct the review.

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