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What happens if, after an accident, you are forced to having to go to the body shop?

Unfortunately for you, now is the fateful moment: the first car accident. The fear is so great, but, luckily, walked floors and the damage is very small. Then the “tamponatore” is a nice person, that he understood your fear, you apologized, a lot, a billion times, and, at the same time, has tried to play down. Now, however, we must recover and think about what was to be done.

Ask for help; Cardarelli and Candelori, for 30 years, your body and is trust in Terni.

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What to do in case of an accident?

In the case of the left it is important to collect all the useful items. First thing to do is to fill out the blue form, the famous CID, by following the instructions on the last page. This is usually issued by the insurance at the time of conclusion of the contract and, if used, will be good to go immediately to the rifornirsene because, unfortunately, you never know. Surely the form will be a double signature and to attest to the existence of an agreement on liability and on the dynamics of the accident. Shall be entered the names of the companies, the data of the two drivers, a detailed description of the accident and any visible damage to, the personal details of the injured persons and of any witnesses. Once delivered to the insurance, it will make an offer of compensation and then you have to decide whether to accept or go on cause.

But how it works with the body shop?

Many models of the CID report misleading information. They write, in fact, that if you are the victim of an accident , you should go to the body shop affiliated with the company, the famous “our own trusted body shop”. In reality, however, this is a law that has absolutely no basis. If you take a left, in fact, you are free to go anywhere you want, from any body shop that you trust. In reality, for you would not change anything, in terms of purely economic one. The insurance, in fact, pays the damages of the car. Probably the one you want is the tranquility of knowing that your car will be taken into custody by YOUR own trusted body shop, and not from a big repair center where the insurance companies carry all damaged their customers.

If you are struggling with the resolution of a claim, and you have to decide to trust your car to, Cardarelli, and Candelori is the body of Terni , is at your disposal to return your car shining and powerful as before!

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