Stay in one of the many villages, residence, Puglia is synonymous with relaxation, fun and a dash of luxury, why a residence is the best you could wish for in a holiday.

The residence and its merits

The residence is a small residence located in a quiet and well organized. It is not a common tourist village, but it is offering something that offers a unique and exclusive stay. A village residence in Salento is synonymous with tranquility, relaxation, well-being for the body and the use of a series of services that do not exist in the villages the traditional tourist. The residence is a small luxury that every so often we should indulge in to unwind in the body and spirit. But be careful, to go to vacation in a holiday village in the Salento is not a thing that they can do only the wealthy and thanks to the numerous offerings of the various villages, all of them can travel to these places, in addition to the beauties of the Apulia region, can also enjoy the almost surreal atmosphere that you breathe. It is served and revered in every detail and the concept of the holiday is expressed at the highest of its meaning. Do not move a finger, all the services are included in the price as that of the cleaning of the environment and of the preparation of food. Even people with celiac disease and those intolerant can enjoy this holiday because for them there are cooks, skilled and competent dishes, suited to every disease, and without that they have sinned in taste and flavor.

The tourist village and the residence

Often, there is confusion between the tourist village and village residence. The difference is obvious and, without taking anything away from the villages that are perfect for families and very fun and vibrant, the residence differs for many factors. First of all, there are impeccable services and notwithstanding that the client has available an apartment, should not attend to the cleaning of this and to the preparation of meals. In fact, the village residence in Salento is a 5-star hotel with rooms cafeteria where is served an abundant breakfast buffet and the main meals, full of all the local delicacies. Are available to customers gyms, saunas, Turkish baths, beauty centers and much more for those who want to take care of his image while on vacation. In short, a relaxing stay at the highest levels that will be remembered over the years.

The animation in the residence

Also in the residence as well as in villages, there is an excellent animation with evenings of entertainment. We organize dinners are the edges of the pools, with a piano bar and singers for all generations. Very interesting are the evenings with karaoke and trips out of town to the nearby areas. The residence of puglia is located on the shore of the sea, but also in places surrounded by nature and old houses renovated. The village residence in Salento of the latter type is suitable to those people who want luxury and peace of mind, and love to a landscape where you will be greeted with the typical hospitality of salento.