la verità sulla drogaDrugs: The summer and the holidays can lead, wrongly, to think that the drugs can contribute to the fun.

We read on the pages of newspapers many articles that speak of drug dealing, arrests, accidents caused by drug use, drugs, alcohol, etc…..

To create a broad information and help in freeing society from the grip of the drug, last weekend, the volunteers of the association drug-Free World – Padova, for years engaged in the fight against drugs, you are engaged in a wide distribution of information brochures.

Goal of this initiative, the beautiful seaside resort of Sottomarina which has seen Sunday, August 6, volunteers engaged in a wide distribution of information booklets of The truth about drugs campaign.

The volunteers, who already have the previous weeks have handed booklets information directly in shops, factories, resorts and every type of public activity, this week we are dedicated to distributing hand-to-hand on the beach and on the promenade.

“The problem is planetary, – has written the humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard – wallows in the blood and in human suffering.” And this is the case of say, in view of the devastating drug culture that is rampant among young people by creating dependency.

The obvious damage are a lack of productivity, work accidents, crime, road accidents, health care costs, destruction of families, and diseases related to the use of drugs, just to name a few. These are the effects of which the company is paying the greatest price in addition to the millions of young lives broken or confused.

The main problem remains the physical and mental damage caused by the use of these substances.

“The truth about drugs” provides simple information about the damage that these can cause to physical and mental short and long term, remedying the profound ignorance on the subject, which is rampant among young people by creating so much suffering.

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