Agriculture in today’s world is a constantly evolving sector that aims to grow crops more and more specialized and sustainable and that require precision. Is no longer a novelty now, the use of agricultural machines are extremely intelligent, linked to the branches, the most varied of high technology such as robotics and computer science: in other words, the so-called agriculture 4.0.

And in this context of historical change, characterized by increasingly optimized use of natural resources that fit the drones, which have assumed considerable importance in recent times because it can ensure that targeted interventions and accurate. The interest in these particular hi-tech tools is so much to the point that Federunacoma – the Italian Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers) – has signed an agreement with Mirumir – organizer of Dronitaly the aim of promoting the activities of accuracy and automation in agriculture.

The partnership made it possible for Mirumir of giving rise to the experimental activities and promotional activities in the context of future events, exhibition and demonstration sponsored by Federunacoma. In essence, the next events in the exhibition will be an opportunity to see the work of the drones produced by important companies in the sector are employed in special operations.

The first of these appointments took place on 28 and 29 July at Casalina di Deruta (Perugia) on the occasion of the Eima Show, which is the event dedicated to the agriculture of precision in the course of which, in addition to the presence of tractors with on-board computers and satellite systems for the mapping of the territory and the execution of a geo-referenced processing, you are put in evidence some examples of drones engaged in works of demonstration.

That of the use of machinery for agriculture as well as sophisticated drones are testimony to the stage of engineering evolution and management of the factors of production which is now in the primary sector: an evolutionary process in which Lines, facing extreme interest and sharing.