Watermelon and well-being

Watermelon is a fruit very well known and appreciated, queen of the summer period when the temperatures and thirst lead us to seek relief in something fresh and tasty.

In these cases there is nothing better than a nice slice of watermelon, thirst-quenching, dietary and full of vitamins and minerals.

In Italy the cultivation of the watermelon is widespread, especially in the areas of the South, favored by the warm and sunny climate.

The watermelon has many benefits for our health, and its consumption is definitely suggested inside a balanced diet. But let’s see now the main healthy properties of this fruit.

Watermelon and health

Of course, this is not a real drug, and in the case of health problems it is always advisable to contact the doctor, but the watermelon can be of particular aid to the prevention of certain diseases.


According to some studies, the consumption of vitamin C reduces the risk of developing asthma. The vitamin C is contained in fruit and vegetables and, to a certain extent, even in a watermelon, which can then surely be of help.

High blood pressure

The extract of the juice of the watermelon helps to regulate blood pressure, particularly in people with obesity problems. In addition, the lycopene has a positive effect on the heart and on the vascular system, reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits to the skin

The watermelon is very useful for skin as it contains vitamin A, essential for the health of epithelia and benches for tanning. In addition, the vitamin C is essential to collagen production which takes part in the formation of the structure of the skin. Finally, the abundant water content helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Muscle pain

The watermelon and juice of watermelon have been shown to be effective in reducing muscle pain after strenuous exercise in athletes. This is probably due to the presence of the amino acid L – citrulline, which plays a positive effect in this sense.

Other properties

In addition to the above, the watermelon seems to present the benefits in respect of:

  • digestion and intestine: due to the high content of water and the presence of fiber, promotes intestinal transit and fights against constipation

  • hydration: in the esate is important to drink a lot and the watermelon allows us to introduce in our body water and minerals at the same time

  • reduction of inflammation: some substances contained in watermelon help maintain healthy cell membranes and reduce the inflammation processes, in a natural way.

As we can see, the watermelon is ideal for our well-being, in addition to being the fruit of the summer for excellence.