L’agriturismo in Otranto is now a destination sought after by tourists who come each year to spend a wonderful holiday in Salento.

Live in close contact with nature, breathe clean air, feel the scent of the earth, walk among the olive trees in the morning when you wake up, these are the experiences that a tourist wants to live to be able to detach your mind from the usual routine of stress and high work pace.

In recent years there has been a veritable explosion of tourists who want to discover the true essence of a day at two steps from the sea.

The farms carry out activities of reception and hospitality, use of their own property and using their products at 0 km. In particular, the managers and the owners of a farm can be:

  • give stay to the guests in their premises,
  • organize recreational and cultural activities inside the farm
  • offer their guests food produced within the company. In addition to the tasting of typical products, is allowed in the restaurant, as long as the meals are made from raw materials found in the bottom

For a long time it was associated with thefarmhouse to the idea of a holiday to a medium-low level, far from the comfort and professionalism that you can find in a hotel and with a price quite modest, as well as the services included. On the other hand, however, the tourists enjoyed a beautiful landscape and delicious local dishes.

This vision, today, has been completely disrupted, if not even reversed. The farm has come to understand location, great value and historical value such as, for example, the ancient villas, palaces, resorts and the relais, in which the customer can enjoy a series of services, ranging from the presence of swimming pools and gyms, to the thermal areas dedicated to the physical and mental wellbeing.

Those who choose theagriturismo in Otranto takes a holiday original, to live an authentic experience and custom, from which you can have the best for themselves. The tourist who chooses to stay in an agriturismo is a person who is looking for a bit of relaxation and trying to avoid places filled with people.

To achieve the aim, a farm must be able to meet the needs of the customer: from the gastronomic, artistic and naturalistic, and the physical and mental wellbeing; the tourist chooses on the basis of the offer that each structure is able to give.

In a little town like Otranto , all of this is very simple to find, because we are talking about a historic village, where you can see castles, churches and monuments, but you can also go to the beach and have a swim in one of the most beautiful seas of the adriatic coast. The town is very quiet and at sunset you can admire unique landscapes that serve as the backdrop for a nice romantic walk or to relax.

L’agriturismo Otranto is a tourist accommodation back in fashion in the years that offers a way to embark on a knowledge of the most genuine and in touch with nature, living the days lying on the beach all in the name of the sun and the sea.