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Why is it important to make the amenities in our 4-legged friend?

Every day, even multiple times per day depending on the work that takes place, the shower is one of our appointments, the usual. To ask, therefore, how often you proceed to the dressing of our dog is normal, being, beings completely different from us.

Dogs can and should be used to be calm and to accept the bath from an early age and, depending on the breed, brought to the toilet at different intervals.

But how often should I do the grooming of the dog?

toelettatura padovaAll dogs should be brushed and checked frequently. This allows the master to monitor any change in the hair and skin, note changes, hair missing, the presence of parasites or masses strange. The bath is one more chance to do these checks, because the wet fur will be easier to notice something is wrong. If you notice something strange, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Bath complete, it is recommended not more than once a month if you use natural anti-flea. This is because washing more often your dog annulleresti the cover of the product. However, there are shampoos designed specifically for this purpose, of which you can ask questions to your veterinarian. If you are using pesticide oral limit the bath to once a month is not imperative. If, for example, have you noticed that your dog gives off a bad smell for a week from the dryer, opt for a pesticide that is oral will be the right choice to make, so that you are free of giving him a bath every time you want to.

Still be able to get the toiletries as a moment of the game is important, so make sure that the dog is quiet and you face inspect for good also the ears, eyes and teeth.

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