As says one of my dearest friend: “they are not dogs, they are cerberi
Let’s look together at what it means.
The proper management of the dog necessarily to make it grow and live in a healthy environment and balanced. In the absence of this climate fundamental the most likely consequence is a progressive imbalance of the animal.
It does not matter too much the race, although it should be always taken into account. The more the dog has a distinctive or dominant, the more the management of the latter must be made “rule of art”.
They are very annoying and downright inappropriate articles, which report almost the same things.
Rottweiler attacks child”
Pitbull reduces end-of-life to the owner”
These are just a few examples that continue to create misinformation and false beliefs.
A journalist correct, it should make information equally correct without aim for the scoop!
Unfortunately, it is not so. Sin!
If anyone of you intends to be accompanied by a dog should get informed as possible about the peculiarities of the latter. Never follow trends!
Let’s take an example.
My son desperately wants to be a Rottweiler,
It is highly likely that you do not even know what want. In this case, it is up to the parents to put him in the current that this is not a toy.
In addition, always the parents, rather than cater to the vices of their children, should care to get informed about the peculiarities of this beautiful and sweet breed.
The same thing may apply to the Pitbull or theAkita….
Not only dogs, but also mestizos.
Another example.
Adopt an abandoned dog in a kennel does not mean always to make a work “good”.
Too many times you are made aware of the problematic nature of the animal, as well as his unhappy past.
The risk is that we find a dog that you can manage properly and then what do we do? The returns to the kennel?
This is not the way to do “good”!
We get to the point.
You do live and grow in your dogs environment that is balanced for him and for you.
If you have a character quarrelsome or violent, be accompanied by a puppet!
If you want a dog solely as a guard, install a good burglar alarm!
Too frequently we see characters turn with the dogs, completely deranged, no control, hard as a stone, and aggressive to the point that “will eat even your grandmother”!
Dogs that pull from all parts dragging the owner as a sort of sack of potatoes. That “fun”!
As if that wasn’t enough, to try to “control them” are beaten on the muzzle with the leash. Nothing “better”!
In short, the characters that they turn with the dogs, “running with the cerberi“!
As they say, such master, such dog!
That’s just sad.