Fashion and its trends have become the mirror of who we are and what we want to convey to the rest of the world, a valuable research style, which focuses on the men and women in the same measure and intensity. Always the symbol of the aesthetic tastes and habits of the people, the way of dressing has become an indelible impression of the historical periods of which he was part, following step by step the evolution and achievements since the dawn of time. In the flourishing period of Internet 2.0, where the exchange has become a daily habit, has grown exponentially the offer linked to the world of fashion and its interesting aesthetic applications. Hundreds of fashion bloggers dispense advice every day on how to dress, what clothes to buy, the type of accessories that serve to enhance their image and that makes us feel good about ourselves. In front of them an audience of users more and more demanding, that he understood, now, as “the dress the face the monk,” and has identified in the choice of his look, a sort of “self-care” of one’s own identity .

The unanimous response of men and women is to draw from the limitless gold mine of fashion all the resources you need to identify ourselves, to be the flag of what we really are, to make your own unique style exactly how our inner world. The fashion we are, and wear what makes us feel good becomes an expression of our personality, that wants to emerge, and being in the world. We can be catalysts of trends, or be ourselves the creators of new styles: the fashion, at a certain point, escapes from the hands of its creators, to become the property of the individual, with a brand new look, and always ready to new experiments.

A famous phrase of Christian Dior is able to synthesize as well as fashion has become a mirror of ourselves and of our personality: ”fashion evolves under the impulse of desire and change the effect of a rejection. The saturation brings the fashion to throw to the winds what, until a short time before, had loved it. Because his deepest reason is the desire for pleasure and to attract, attractiveness may not come from uniformity, which is the mother of boredom”. The ability to reinvent yourself is another essential characteristic for those who dress to the fashion, as too much repetition, as it happens in life, can bore up to the wear and tear interior. On the other hand, the monotony, not leads to evolution and improvement, neither to ourselves nor to the community in which we live, especially in a historical period in which he did peep a kind of “greed” to be someone, to count for something: how would Oscar Wild “Or it’s a work of art or wear one“.

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