Have you ever heard of the concept of silent poem? The lyrical greeks linked him to the painting to the capacity of this art to communicate and elicit emotions, but more recently also to another art was accorded the same definition as complimentary and particularly evocative: we refer to the perfumery!

Scents and niche artistic perfumery

Maybe we’ve never thought about it, but the composition of a perfume has no need of artistic ability and sensitivity of the olfactory out of the ordinary, because the wood must be carefully measured and mixed them to compose the final olfactory pyramid that the master perfumer had in mind.
These criteria apply in a special way when creating relates to the so-called artistic perfumery, the one far from the commercial logic of marketing: niche scents are created to a limited number of real enthusiasts who do not need a spot alluring and sleek, but that tend to the quality, to the knowledge of the content and the heady fragrances that are contained in bottles that have an aura that is charismatic, able to carry as by magic the mind to a memory and to a far-away place by simply “touching” the righteous olfactory receptors.

Molecule 01, and the olfactory pyramid

The “nose” of a master perfumer used to think of perfume as a creative act that knows how to bewitch you with the charme: knows something about a teacher that is internationally recognized as Geza Schön, whose desire to experiment has led to the extreme with the successful attempt to undermine and subvert a schema is considered untouchable for any scent, the one that sees the succession of notes of the head of the first impact, the notes of the heart not just shaded the first, and base notes the most persistent and long-lasting.

Forget this pyramid, if you wear a few sprays of a perfume, a revolutionary Molecule 01, with the highest concentration of a single persistent molecule/aroma isolated from the special sensitivity of Schön. Wraps with its warm notes that pulse, make you feel and then go back to the same consistency, and are able to confer radiance to the wearer almost done at the level ferormonico!

Perfumes, non-conventional

His “companion perfume” is Escentric 01, a sort of concession made by the perfumer in the tradition because the molecule ISO E Super in any case, the dominant it is, however, mixed by the notes that surround it like a frame to exalt, lime and pink pepper.

Never intrusive and not at all conventional, the scents that make up this pair of success are conceived, as is often the case among the niche scentsto be unisex, because the rigorous cataloguing does not belong to this world that loves to stand out!

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