Cypress trees under attack: a read the news from the local newspapers of some northern areas, in fact, it turns out that these historic trees are at the center of the events and controversy for their maintenance. In some cases, the green has given way to other needs, but luckily there are also stories that are closed with different outcome.

The controversy in Piedmont

The first topic of debate was the intervention implemented in Baldissero Canavese, where the local administration has decided to break down the 17 plants rooted in the Parco della Rimembranza, that are historically the shadow of the crosses planted in honour of the Fallen of the first World War.

The abatement must

The mayor of the city of piedmont, Luigi Ferrero Vercelli, explained that the bark of the cypress trees were dry and in danger of falling: therefore, with a “painful but necessary decision” it was decided for the abatement of the net, and that we should avoid risks and dangers to the citizens who walk along the road adjacent, they do jogging, take a walk pets or simply go to the park to deposit a flower to the crosses of the Fallen.

The promise of the mayor

 But the same as the first citizen of Baldissero Canavese, however, has reassured the lovers of the green with a promise: “every cypress cut will match another tree planted. But only in the autumn. Also already shot down forty years ago.” An intervention, therefore, that he tries to repeat the street performed in the past years for the famous cypresses of Bolgheri, so dear to Giosue Carducci, who were first saved then cut and replaced with real clones.

The battle of the “green” in Vidor

Also in the province of Treviso there was some controversy related to the health of the so-called cypress of the memory, which since the Sixties embroider the trail that goes from the Castle to the Col Carpenon on the territory of Vidor: considered as silent witnesses of the soldiers who lost their lives on near the front of the Piave in the course of the Great War, seem in fact intended to be replaced (it is just the case to say) from another plant much more profitable.

The Prosecco is smooth and the cypress trees

In the province of veneto, in fact, the producers are the cypress trees for planting Glera, the grape variety that is at the base of Prosecco, the Italian wine more famous of the moment. And so, a coordination of local associations has decided to invest in the issue the municipal administration, which, however, has no jurisdiction over the private areas: the final result of the historic double row of cypress trees in many cases remain only the strains, and the route is reduced by several metres.

Salvation passes by the Tar

Instead it was the Tar to save the 56 cypress and some cedars of Lebanon and the Deodara , which had taken root on the ground of the Villa Eden on Lake Garda, bocciando the request of the private owners of the structure that was already locked by the Superintendent to the landscape. In the judgment reads that the replacement provided by the entrepreneurs does not fit what is called a “a beautiful basin full of the typical essences of lake garda. A natural picture of uncommon beauty, and artistic value, that is, from the points of view accessible to the public, offers a wide view of the lake Garda”.

Re-evaluate the cypress trees

In short, the plants help to improve the landscape of our cities, as well explained also in the study cared for by the master gardner’s Titian Codiferro on the care necessary to maintain the health of the cypress trees, which is useful to understand what are the main actions to put into practice. And to overcome the “prejudice” that want these trees, related only to the presence in the graveyards , or in places reserved to the memory and the silence.

The article in The North is alarm about the care of cypress trees seems to be the first on