In recent years there has been a rediscovery of increasingly massive of the ancient traditions, even in the field of weddings. A time if you wanted to celebrate, and celebrate a wedding in Lecce , you didn’t have other choice but to opt for the classic banquet halls, apartment buildings in the style of Louis XVI, with neoclassical architecture, which sported statues of the muses in the great parks of grass to the English all the same. The mantra of these locations? The abundance of food of average quality, great mischief and weddings are endless.

At the end of this type of ceremonies, what remained was the illusion of the memory of a good marriage, fun, special, but the truth is that at a distance of years, we are reminded of the banquet hall, but not what was in it: the bride and groom.

Fortunately, in spite of some couples ostinino still to live these traditions, from a few years to this part, the new generations year discovered a heritage which has always existed in our territory, and never until this moment to be fully explored. We’re talking about Farms.

The Farms, scattered throughout the salento territory, which in the past were used by the so-called “massari”, that is, managers of estates, for the management of large lands that the landowners gave in concession. Over time you gradually to depopulate up to become real ruins scattered throughout the province. Yet, the Farms represent the true essence of the Salento area, its agricultural vocation, his cuisine is simple but nourishing, its knowledge and its cultural stratifications. Thanks to this vocation today, many of them have been converted to Farms, or better yet a real location for weddings in Lecce and the Province.

A wedding in Masseria is something magical, a taste of the old traditions but with modern. It means to reclaim their own identity, to exchange words with a slow, enjoy your food with a new spirit, more authentic.

Marriage in farmhouse is completely different from the one described above, firstly, it is more “organized”, moderate but not at all miserable. The kitchen is of a completely different level, because behind every plate there is an in-depth study. The outfits recall the celebrations of the country characteristics of this part of Italy. The lime, the scents of aromatic herbs, the taste of the wind in the summer, everything contributes to the atmosphere of the wedding, like a dance of people and natural elements.

A wedding in Masseria means, if we want to, to honor the old traditions with a spirit that is completely new, not old, not poor, but rather elegant and refined. Not perfect, but delightfully imperfect.

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